Unlock your true marketing potential

Our Scouts deliver warm B2B leads and precise sales
intelligence so your teams can close 3x more deals


Supercharged lead generation with the exact leads your sales team wants and easy account-based marketing.


A 3X close rate by quickly building relationships with the highest-value decision-makers who are ready to buy right now.

Data Ops

A clean database and immediate routing of the right leads to the right sales reps every time.


better ROI than the competition


lead to opportunity rate


close-won rate

Talk to top decision-makers who are ready to buy now

Why spend countless hours researching prospects when you should be closing? SaleScout gives you the exact leads you want so you can immediately begin calling the right decision-makers, with the right message, at the right time…every time.

Why choose SaleScout?

We make account-based marketing easy

If your marketing and sales intelligence tool requires you to log in and manually dig for contacts, then you’ve already lost. With SaleScout, you simply define your account targeting criteria and we do the rest. So sit back, accept and prioritize accounts as they flow to your fingertips, and quickly execute customized outbound ABM campaigns based on real-time buying signals… all from your CRM and all in just a few minutes.

You’ll know first when your target is ready to buy

When your ideal client is ready to buy, the sales advantage goes to the next vendor to connect. Get immediate alerts so you know who is ready for a phone call right now. And with industry-leading human-verified contact information, you can be confident that you’ll get connected the first time. Ready to blow your competition out of the water?

Prevent sabotage by stale data

Nothing kills rapport with a lead or derails a campaign faster than sending irrelevant marketing or using the wrong name/title/division/location/etc. And nothing kills sales momentum like running up against a wrong number for a surefire opportunity. So quit “updating” your database, leaving data quality to chance… and putting your foot in your mouth. Let our incredibly accurate, human-verified data help you fill in the gaps, keep your records fresh, and feed quality leads right to your CRM—so your sales and marketing teams don’t miss a beat. Combine that with automated reporting and ROI tracking, and measuring and optimizing your performance has never been so simple. Now you can ride your sales momentum all the way to the bank.

Declare an end to endless research

Our proprietary technology combines exclusive data sources, sales triggers, machine learning, and human verification to locate the absolute most valuable prospects at any given time… so you don’t have to. Some data providers want you to focus on manually discovering contacts, but we think that’s a waste of your valuable time so we’re going to handle that for you.

Regain control and free up your time

You decide if you prefer our seamless integration with your CRM or if you’d rather use our fast and intuitive app to set up your automated insights. Either way, now you’re just clicks away from talking to qualified sales-ready leads.

Fill your funnel, accelerate conversions, and drive sales

Call sales-ready decision-makers at exactly the right time with exactly the right message…and reach them every time. Are you ready to crush your competition?

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