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Human-verified contact data and target account insights that help you break ahead of the pack.

Our ScoutSense™ listening technology and propriety data sources ensure that you are working with the most accurate data in the marketplace. Data selects include:

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What Does A Good Lead Look Like?

Some may argue–a lead that closes and they wouldn’t be wrong. But what is it that makes one lead different than another? And better, for that matter? The answer is data quality and understanding that difference between a lead that will convert and a bogus one could help your salespeople beat their quota and save your company time, effort, and cost.

The Cost Of Bad Data

Who hasn’t worked a leads list and asked for the wrong decision maker? This may seem like par for the course in the world of B2B marketing because an overwhelming majority of lead databases contain critical errors, but it shouldn’t be. Not only does bad data cost your company time but money too: wasted marketing dollars, low productivity and opportunities lost are all the expensive hallmarks of dirty data.

AI Driven–Human Verified Leads

The cornerstone of the SalesScout lead generation data is accuracy but ultimately what you pay us for is results. How do we guarantee what you pay for is what you get? By aggregating a ton of data captured with our intuitive ScoutSense™ listening technology and proprietary data sources. But, what really sets us apart from everyone else in the lead generation arena is that our data is human verified. This ensures every lead your sales or marketing team get from SaleScout is far and away the most accurate data money can buy–veritable marketing gold.

Data Is King

When you grab your data by the reins you take control of your company’s potential for success. The days of blindly regurgitated data to pursue as leads are gone and SaleScout’s model of immaculate data hygiene is here to stay. When you opt for SaleScouts carefully curated leads, you gain the advantage over every one of your competitors. What salesperson doesn’t want the inside track in their race to a decision maker right? Don’t let your competitive edge be at the mercy of scantly researched and poor quality leads. Get the best data with SaleScout–be the best in your field.

Tailored Leads And Custom Insights

If qualified data is the cornerstone of the SalesScout formula for success then targeted leads are its entire foundation. The leads we send you are precisely tailored to you needs and your industry because you set the criteria and we do the research for you. We offer hundreds of microtargeting options, including system types, technologies, brands, models, company size, industries, and geography. Moreover, our proprietary data provides key insights into the inner workings of the companies we track for you. Imagine knowing when the “white whale” in your sales funnel gets a huge chunk of financing or gets a major new contract or better yet–makes an executive change. In the B2B world, these type of activities are almost always signs that a new sales opportunity is imminent and with SaleScout’s buyer signal alerts, you will be the first one through the door.

Our Numbers Don’t Lie

At SaleScout we are in the business of data so understandably we talk a lot about our impeccable data hygiene and our intuitively targeted lists. But how does that translate to the real world? It’s simple, SaleScout data translates into something everyone needs more of–time and money. Companies who use SaleScout data see a 21% higher close rate and a 3X higher ROI over other lead or demand generation methods they were using before. What would closing almost a quarter more business look like for your company? All of this without a single minute of your sales and marketing teams time being wasted researching decision makers or following bad leads.

Choose SaleScout For The Win

When your sales and marketing people have more time and information to do what they do best–everyone is happy. When 50% or more of your lists are inaccurate and undeliverable–not so much. Sure, SaleScout’s database contains an impressive 10 million companies, 3.5 million contacts and hundreds of customizable data filtering options but the most crucial statistic of all? Our leads are completely accurate and 100% human verified. The math is simple: better lead quality + targeted lists = more sales. Time is money; stop wasting yours on dubious data and start a conversation with SaleScout today.

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