Data Solutions

Our Data Solutions ensure that your sales and marketing team are armed with the highest quality data to fill the funnel, accelerate conversions, and close deals.

Our solutions include:

Contact Optimization

Fills in your data gaps and human verifies the accuracy of every contact provided.

CRM Hygiene

Maintains CRM data accuracy on a continual basis and ensures a seamless connection with your marketing automation.

Data Append

Provides greater visibility into your target accounts using thousands of data points, including buyer signals, intent, technology by manufacturer and system type.

Title Mapping

Map job titles to normalized titles so that your marketing programs reach the right people at your target accounts every time.

Give your sales and marketing teams the accuracy they need to be successful

Garbage in. Garbage out. There is actually some profound wisdom in such a simple adage. You wouldn’t hire an unqualified employee for a critical job in your company, so why accept unqualified, inaccurate data for your sales and marketing teams to pursue? These two departments provide the proverbial fuel (revenue) that fan the flames of your company’s success (profits) meaning–the cost of bad data is higher than you may think. In fact, on average, poor CRM hygiene (inaccurate data) costs B2B marketing and B2B sales an average of $13 million per year in increased marketing spends and countless lost opportunities.

Don’t leave your data quality to chance

What does bad data look like? The answer is waiting for you right in your current lead database. The fact of the matter is, up to 25% of the leads you have already paid for are inaccurate–practically useless. SaleScout data, on the other hand, is 100% human verified and aggregated in practical ways which are then custom tailored to your exact specifications. We use a number of methods to clean up your data and make the sales process more efficient. Tried, true and tested, SaleScout’s data quality improvement tools are the best in the biz.

SaleScout Contact Optimization

SaleScout is the research assistant you’ve always wanted. We fill in the blanks of your high-value target account files so that reaching and selling to key decision-makers and influencers is that much easier. There is a reason the companies that use SaleScout data are some of the best in their fields; they’ve learned something the others haven’t –human verified data is the key to success in B2B sales. You simply cannot find higher quality contact data with any other demand or lead provider—guaranteed.

SaleScout CRM Hygiene 

If your CRM data is outdated, your sales and marketing teams are basically selling blind. Low close rates, dead-end leads and leaving money on the table are all symptoms of poor CRM hygiene. The numbers are clear:

“Inside sales reps who receive unvalidated data lose $20,000 in productive sales time every year while those equipped with accurate data get nearly 4X more qualified appointments”

What’s more, they are wasting what could be productive sales time, doing a job SaleScout can do for them–updating the CRM with accurate information. SaleScout CRM hygiene services help you consistently maintain the accuracy of your data by updating your contacts for you. This means your sales reps have more time and are efficient in how and when they approach target customers, ultimately resulting in more sales.

SaleScout Data Append

“Data Append” may sound complicated but is a phrase your salespeople are going to learn to love! At SalesScout we use our proprietary listening software to tap into the key indicators and signals from buyers that foretell of an increased likelihood to buy. We track hundreds of data points, including software downloads, new investment capital and/or major contracts awarded, to gain insight into your target lead’s behavior. When you know what is going on behind the scenes at your high-value target accounts, you are more able to effectively predict what and when they are going to buy. Since SaleScout data append services are customized to meet incredibly niche needs and often vertical specific ones, you are able to choose the statistics you know will give you the competitive edge.

Fill your funnel, accelerate conversions, and drive sales

Call sales-ready decision-makers at exactly the right time with exactly the right message...and reach them every time. Are you ready to crush your competition?

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