Buyer Signals

Exclusive sales alerts move you to the front of the line with key decision-makers

when their companies are ready to buy.

Our sales triggers and proprietary data give you a daily dose of actionable, market-specific Buyer Signals, which include:


A company’s HQ or one of their office locations is moving

Executive changes

Notification of a change in leadership (typically C-Level or Director)


Companies that have recently completed a round of financing


Companies growing through mergers or acquisitions

Lease expirations

Expiration of the lease at an address

Growth alerts

Rapid growth in a company’s headcount or revenue in the recent past


Company layoffs or restructuring

New contracts

Companies awarded major new contracts

Never make a cold call again

Cold leads, warm leads and even hot leads don’t hold a candle to the lead quality you will get with SaleScout’s Buyer Signals. Why? Because we track key data points other lead generation companies don’t; all of which speak volumes about a company’s readiness to buy. When your salespeople have the inside track on conditions and events like office relocations, rapid revenue growth or even layoffs and restructuring, they are able to seize time-sensitive opportunities your competition simply cannot (without SaleScout’s proprietary BuyerSignals). In fact, 15% of SaleScout alerts convert to opportunities, keeping your sales funnels full and your salespeople happily pursuing accurate, high-quality leads.

Close 21% of your opportunities (yes, really!)

In sales, timing is everything. So when your marketing or sales teams use the critical context garnered from SaleScout Buyer Signals to quickly connect and get in front of the decision makers at the right time, they get the drop on the competition. This is a big deal because it gives your company a chance to tweak your pitch and build rapid rapport first– and allows unfettered contact with the people who make the real decisions. All of this before your competition knows an opportunity for a deal is on the table. When you are consistently first through the door, you simply win the day more often. Which is why companies using SaleScout convert 21% of the lucrative opportunities Buyer Signals provide.

Sales intelligence that moves you to the front of the line with key decision makers

Buyer Signals are the secret weapon successful sales organization use to stay ahead of the competition. Make your company the leader of the pack too with the targeted data and human-verified contacts SaleScout provides. This complete contact information (including direct email addresses) and context sent directly to your CRM and inbox, pave the way for your sales and marketing teams to open (and close) the biggest deals. Ultimately, SaleScout data and Buyer Signals give you the jump on the competition and singular access to the people who matter most at your target accounts — the decision makers.

3X higher conversion rate than our competition

A markedly increased conversion rate is a pretty lofty claim and one we take seriously. However, our results are proven and the success rate of those using SaleScout unparalleled due to the breadth and power of our data. Our proprietary ScoutSense™ technology listens for signals from all major markets — zeroing in on conditions and events that are indicative of an imminent sales opportunity. Furthermore, by tracking data that is specific to the historical buying patterns in your vertical, we deliver leads ready to convert. 



CRM integration

We give you the reason to call, accurate contacts, and high-impact talk tracks…

all in the place where your sales reps live.

Fill your funnel, accelerate conversions, and drive sales

Call sales-ready decision-makers at exactly the right time with exactly the right message...and reach them every time. Are you ready to crush your competition?

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