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The SaleScout Channel Partner Program is designed to help telecom and technology companies and their partners accelerate their solution sales with verified leads powered by the most advanced sales intelligence. When you become a SaleScout Channel Partner you immediately benefit from greater pool of B2B leads ready to convert to real sales opportunities. Our clients and partners see 3X ROI on demand gen campaigns using our data solutions.

SaleScout and you

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Partnering with SaleScout is about creating and developing a new relationship with mutual benefits, which optimizes the potential for growth and creates the best possibilities to explore opportunities.

When you register to become SaleScout partner, you begin a new business future.

We provide our partners with world-class training and support, working hand in hand with them to define their ideal client profiles (actual decision makers and buyers) and we use our advanced sales Intelligence tools to uncover ready-to-buy prospects based on firmographic and technographic data.

Our focus is to make sure that you maximize your time and money so that your partner funds generate the highest return. When partners use our Verified Leads solutions we verify that the names, titles, and contact info are accurate so our partners don’t waste time pursuing the wrong leads. Partners who opt to use our Buyer Signals can prioritize their leads and opportunities according to market triggers, ensuring that each lead is signaling that they are ready to buy.

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Take 3 minutes out of your day to sign up to the SaleScout Partner Program: email us at or fill out our partner form.

SaleScout will contact you within 24 hours of registering to discuss your sales, marketing, training and support requirements and discuss any current opportunities you may have.

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