We’re on a mission…

…to help you achieve your B2B sales and marketing goals

How? With customized lead generation, AI-driven sales intelligence and precisely tailored data solutions, all designed to fuel pipeline growth at any stage of the sales funnel. We give your business what it needs to align sales and marketing teams and turn them into quota crushing machines.

A Colorado-based company founded in 2014, SaleScout has quickly become a trusted partner to some of the nation’s most recognized brands. We use sophisticated technologies, exclusive data sources, and human verification to deliver the most accurate and qualified B2B leads available as well as buyer signals and invaluable market triggers. Our teams identify and vet the B2B opportunities so your sales reps can stop wasting time researching less-than-ideal prospects and get back to the business of selling to qualified leads.  Our account-based marketing solutions provide precision, scale, and performance when and where it’s needed most.

The mindsets that make us… us

First and foremost, we believe integrity builds trust among team members and customers. We communicate often,  do what we say we will, exactly when we say we’ll do it–no excuses.

We like a good challenge. We think out of the box, and we get the job done. No other company will put as much heart and soul into data accuracy, human-verified leads, and service excellence as we do.

We recognize that our success is completely dependent upon our customers, which is why we put them first in everything we do.

We like to have fun, and we foster a healthy lifestyle (after all, this is Colorado) because we find when our team is up and at ’em—both physically and emotionally–it allows us to better meet our customers’ needs.  We are committed to our community, believing that socially responsible businesses make the world a better place.

If your company is likewise dedicated to excellence, let’s embark on this mission together and get you the sales intelligence you need to rise to the top.

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