I’m honored to be included with other marketing industry leaders in a new e-book from MKTGinsight. “Keep Learning—or Get Schooled by the Competition” aims to help digital marketers understand what skills and talents they need to adopt or strengthen in 2018.

The continuously evolving marketing technology landscape challenges today’s professionals to be learning on an almost a constant basis. The answers shared by my colleagues attest to the complexity of the marketing professional role and offer valuable insight.

I think many seasoned marketers would agree that data has taken on a critical role in the marketing and sales process, especially in its ability to accelerate sales and grow revenue. Thus, my advice is that marketers absolutely need to modernize how they think about data, and be able to effectively analyze, optimize and maintain accurate and relevant data on customers, prospects and their target market. In my response, I expand on this as well as three core elements that can help marketers better understand their data.

MORE: Check out the online article, or get the (very nicely designed) e-book.

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