MarTech Series recently interviewed SaleScout CEO Chris Lynde. Chris talked about the challenges B2B sales and marketing teams face when trying to “cut through the noise,” and explained how SaleScout provides “super accurate” marketing qualified leads and real-time buying signals to our clients.

“The CMO’s challenge is to punch through the noise, identify purchase readiness and serve up the right message at the right time. To be successful, they need accurate contact data, pinpoint targeting capabilities and a clear return on investment.”

In addition, Chris touched on the importance of specific technology in the marketing tech stack, including AI.

“I let the data speak for itself, but we recognize that technology can only take you so far. The magic occurs when you combine high-tech systems and AI with eyeballs and human intelligence.”

He also shared how he came to his long career in data, analytics and MarTech and what attracted him to SaleScout.

“When I was doing my due diligence, I could see right away that SaleScout is different. They built their database using their own technology and unique relationships with data contributors. They were also fanatical about accuracy and focused only on key decisionmakers at businesses with 10 or more employees. That’s the sweet spot and it’s what everyone is looking for.”

READ THE FULL INTERVIEW: Interview with Chris Lynde, CEO, SaleScout Data Solutions

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