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Enterprise marketing organizations are making huge investments in technologies and strategies to improve customer acquisition and retention rates. Yet 41 percent of companies see inaccurate or missing data as the most significant challenge to maximizing return on investment. With so much at stake, it’s no surprise that 75 percent of B2B marketers say the biggest obstacle to achieving success is data quality, noting this as their most important game-changer strategy.

Laser-like targeting and guaranteed accuracy

Data quality can literally make or break the success of your marketing efforts. We understand this. In fact, we’re fanatical about it. It’s at the center of everything we do. If you want to see a real impact from your marketing campaigns, you need laser-like targeting capabilities and accurate contact data. SaleScout can help. Accurate contact information is the cornerstone of our database. We verify everything that goes in and out to ensure the highest conversion rates possible.

Precision, scale, and performance

Don’t be fooled by the big aggregators who boast about the size and coverage of their databases. Their company counts include the small office/home office segment, and their contacts are notoriously inaccurate and grouped by function. We focus on larger opportunities that target the key decision-maker titles that are most important to our customers. Our list products are used for nurturing campaigns, event marketing, product launches, and promotions that require precision, scale, and performance. All records have been human verified for accuracy to ensure response rates that blow away the competition. In fact, if our targeted lists don’t outperform your next best list source by at least 10 percent, we’ll give you the next one for free!


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