Never Make a Cold Call Again

Why spend your time discovering leads when we give you exactly what you need to start selling?
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15+ exclusive sales alerts move you to the front of the line with key decision-makers when their companies are ready to buy.

15+ sales signals

Our sales triggers and proprietary data give you a daily dose of actionable, market-specific Scouts. These Scout types include:


A company’s HQ or one of their office locations is moving

Executive changes

Notification of a change in leadership (typically C-Level or Director)


Companies that have recently completed a round of financing


Companies growing through mergers or acquisitions

Lease expirations

Expiration of the lease at an address

Growth alerts

Rapid growth in a company’s headcount or revenue in the recent past


Company layoffs or restructuring

New contracts

Companies awarded major new contracts

Convert 15% of your alerts to opportunities

BuyerSignals has proven itself as the lead qualification secret weapon of top sales professionals. Now you have the performance and results your sales and marketing teams need to stay aligned, stay ahead, and stand out in today’s competitive enterprise markets. Pulling from hundreds of exclusive data sources, we route timely, relevant trigger event information (or Scouts), along with 100 percent human-verified contacts, directly to your CRM and marketing automation platform (MAP)—delivering the contacts and context you need to open the biggest deals. So at the end of the day, your marketing team hits their targets with truly qualified leads that your sales reps love.

Close 21% of your opportunities (Yes, really!)

With complete contact information (including direct email addresses) immediately available in your CRM, your sales team is able to quickly connect and get in front of the competition. Use critical context to tweak your pitch and build rapid rapport. So at the end of the day, your sales reps close the biggest deals faster.

And now you can actually sleep at night.

3x better conversion

At SaleScout, we track the rhythm and tempo of your market so that each and every Scout we deliver is based on your specific industry needs… targeting the exact buyers and influencers you want to reach. With reliable sales triggers, contextual messaging, and custom segmentation, we feed your funnel daily with leads that convert three times better than our competitors’. Our proprietary ScoutSense™ technology listens for signals from all major MSAs—zeroing in on conditions and events that are indicative of a sales opportunity and giving you extremely accurate B2B prospects that blow away all the other lead providers. And when combined with WatchList ABM, your sales reps can focus on high-value accounts, always knowing that decision-maker titles and contact data are dead-on accurate.

CRM integration

We give you the reason to call, accurate contacts, and high-impact talk tracks… all in the place where your sales reps live.


Fill your funnel, accelerate conversions, and drive sales

Call sales-ready decision-makers at exactly the right time with exactly the right message... and reach them every time. Are you ready to crush your competition?