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Human-verified contact data and target account insights that help you break ahead of the pack.

Don’t leave data quality to chance

The cost of bad data is astounding. To put it in perspective, it’s been estimated that 10 to 25 percent of enterprise B2B marketing databases contain critical errors that cost organizations an average of $13 million per year. Worse yet is that it’s compounded by an average loss of 12 percent in revenue, with wasted marketing spend and reduced labor productivity being cited as the major drivers.

Accuracy and guaranteed performance

Your time is valuable, and every dollar spent on marketing needs to show a return. So why throw money away on incomplete or inaccurate leads that don’t convert? Give your sales and marketing teams the MQLs they need to win business, and fill your funnel with opportunities that close.

Accountability at all stages of the funnel

Demand generation is no longer just about filling the top of the funnel. Marketing now owns a larger share of revenue responsibility, and the focus is on performance. With conversion metrics measured at every stage, there’s more accountability than ever before. Yet the debate over lead qualification continues. Marketing says sales needs to qualify the leads, and sales says that’s marketing’s job. If you’re looking for quality and performance, SaleScout has the solution.

100% human-verified leads (that perform 3x better than the competition!)

Call us old fashioned, but we believe technology can only take you so far. When you use leads that have been fully vetted and verified by a research analyst, you get better results—period. Our Qualified Leads are based on your business targeting requirements, including the key decision-makers that are most important to you. With hundreds of microtargeting options, including system types, technologies, brands, models, company size, industries, and geography, we can zero in on the exact audience you’re trying to reach. All leads include phone number and business email, and they are guaranteed to meet the requirements of your CRM and MAP.

We fill the funnel with high-performance leads that target the segments your business demands. And when your sales reps are armed with accurate contacts at the right companies in the right locations, they have what it takes to crush the numbers (that’s right, three times better than the competition).


Fill your funnel, accelerate conversions, and drive sales

Call sales-ready decision-makers at exactly the right time with exactly the right message... and reach them every time. Are you ready to crush your competition?