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WatchList ABM

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ABM makes you competitive in a noisy market. Unite your sales and marketing teams to target high-yield accounts that generate more revenue and show growth potential. As a matter of fact, Alterra Group estimates that 97 percent of marketers achieved a higher ROI with ABM than with other marketing strategies. With modern CRM and marketing automation, you can nurture target accounts in an automated, scalable way, but you need visibility into the key decision-makers at targeted accounts. That’s why we created WatchList ABM. When target accounts or TAM files are added to WatchList ABM, we do just that. We watch them and look for signals that are indicative of a sales opportunity. Then we verify and supply the key contacts so you always know who you should be talking to, eliminating the white space where you have no visibility.

Let’s work together to supercharge your ABM efforts with sales signals and contact verification for your high-value accounts.

Faster lead routing

Our WatchList database keeps a close eye on your best opportunities—matching relevant, actionable, and timely signals to your named accounts. When a signal occurs, we fire off an alert with your account ID so your account executives and BDRs can respond quickly and strategically to develop those accounts with consistent ownership. It pays to have an extra set of eyes, and when you combine WatchList ABM with contact verification, you create a very powerful tool that provides full visibility into your most important accounts.

Contact hygiene for a clean CRM

Your CRM is only as good as the data that lives there. That’s why it’s critical for companies to regularly ensure the relevance and accuracy of their database. Yet business management consulting firm C5 Insight has estimated that 30 to 60 percent of CRM data fails in some way. And there’s more. A LeadJen study shows that inside sales reps who don’t receive validated data waste approximately $20,000 in productive sales time every year while those equipped with validated data get nearly four times more qualified appointments.

Let SaleScout increase your productivity and save you time by supporting your ongoing efforts to maintain clean, updated, accurate data for your most important accounts. We human-verify the leadership and IT contacts within your strategic accounts and return them with the accompanying account IDs—so your data is routed correctly every time. And with CRM hygiene support, we help you maintain the accuracy of your data on a continual basis, keeping your contacts updated at all times and ensuring a seamless connection between your CRM and MAP. Plus, we can help you build a database of cross-functional and cross-departmental stakeholders, empowering your sales reps to be even more strategic in the way they approach target customers.


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