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Quality over quantity. Don’t be fooled

What exactly are you buying with your current lead generation provider? If you think the answer is leads–you would be wrong. What you are really getting from the sales intelligence companies promising you leads is really just heaps of data: raw, unqualified and inaccurate over 25% of the time. Not only are your sales people losing out on precious time qualifying this data themselves but more to the point, they are missing real opportunities to make better deals and myriad more sales. SaleScout, on the other hand, sells far more than data and turns every dollar you spend on lead generation into money well spent. So what makes SaleScout different?

100% Accurate, Qualified Buyers

SaleScout sells buyers–not just leads. We have a database of over 10 million companies and 3.5 million verified contacts but you will never hear us say we have the most data. What you will hear us say is, we have the best. Because we believe sales intelligence should be just that–smart, accurate and human verified. SaleScout only provides precision data, and more significantly, the type that gets you in front of the real decision makers at the top tier companies you actively target. Every contact we send is not only complete with name, title, and email but most importantly–100% human verified. Meaning you will never get a B2B sales lead that is out of date.

Hyper-Targeted Leads

Targeted lists from SaleScout throw your marketing initiatives into overdrive by giving them the fuel they need to accelerate conversions. Our proprietary ScoutSense™ technology identifies your ideal sales and marketing targets with pinpoint accuracy, delivering conversion rates that far surpass leads from any other source. Why do our leads covert 3x better than others? Because they are made up of incredibly accurate, highly niche, B2B sales leads based on the criteria you set forth. You know the type of buyer you are looking for, so don’t buy a big database (90% of which you don’t need!) — buy targeted leads based exclusively on what you know works!

BuyerSignals: AI Driven, Automated Alerts

Driven by our proprietary ScoutSense™ technology and using AI and machine learning to both identify your ideal sales targets and generate sales alerts, BuyerSignals is an incredibly powerful sales tool. How do we do it? And why is it proven to increase close rates by 21%? Because our AI tracks 15 top sales triggers like funding events, company relocations, and executive changes, which indicate when your best prospects are open to new products or services and lets your know first. Our BuyerSignals are critical for getting your salespeople through the door ahead of everyone else with relevant talking points that are sure to entice. Additionally, due to our use of revolutionary, AI driven technology our results are always accurate, highly actionable and market-specific. Best of all, ScoutSense works 24/7 to deliver actionable, daily results, right into your inboxes so, your sales and marketing teams spend minimal time prospecting and the bulk of their time closing sweetheart deals.

Data Solutions

Sales and marketing teams are an incredibly important part of your company’s success. The revenue they bring in from sales not only keep the proverbial lights on but also affect the growth rate of your company. So stop wasting their valuable time sorting junk in the CRM and let us do the dirty work for you. At SaleScouts we offer data solutions like CRM hygiene, contact optimization, and data append which keep your salespeople out of the office and in the real world making the money you need to get your company to the next level.

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