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Get Leads

Quality over quantity. Don’t be fooled.

Most data vendors brag about list size. Our clients brag about close rates and accelerated revenue. So what makes us different?

Buyers, not lists

The secret to doubling your response rate is simple. Just stop mailing the 50% of your list that’s inaccurate and undeliverable.

Our database contains 10 million companies, 3.5 million verified contacts, and 900 thousand CxO and IT decision makers. If you need qualified buyers, we have them. We can tailor them to your business or campaign requirements, and we guarantee the accuracy.

We aren’t like most data vendors who want to maximize the number of records they sell, regardless of quality. Other vendors focus on “completeness of org charts,” with an app that makes you manually wade through hundreds of unimportant contacts to eventually “discover” the one person who is making the decision.

Stop “discovering” and start selling.

Machine learning

Our proprietary ScoutSense™ technology identifies your ideal sales and marketing targets with pinpoint accuracy, delivering conversion rates that far surpass leads from any other source. ScoutSense combines our exclusive, internally sourced, always-accurate data with the top 25 sales triggers, machine learning, and human verification to provide the absolute best leads for marketing and sales alike. (Documented cases of 21 percent close rates prove it!)

Automated alerts

BuyerSignals leverages the top 25 sales triggers to give you a daily dose of fresh, relevant, and sales-ready data that’s 100 percent human-verified—helping you focus on the exact actionable, market-specific leads (Scouts) that let you spend your time converting, not discovering.

Qualified Leads

Set your criteria for how you define a qualified lead and let our automated system deliver fresh MQLs to you every day. Base your qualifications on everything from revenue to which competitors’ technologies are installed. Plus, as always, every contact is complete with name, title, and email—meaning you never get a lead that you can’t use… immediately.

Targeted lists

Give your marketing initiatives the fuel they need to significantly accelerate conversions and boost your bottom line. Our highly accurate, segmented lists can be based on any criteria—allowing you to focus on the customers and accounts that really matter. Get complete contact information that has been fully verified by a real-life human to guarantee the best possible response rates and results. And if our lists don’t outperform your next best list source by at least 10 percent, we’ll give you the next one for free!

Account-based marketing

Define your target account criteria and let us handle all of the research. You can sit back, accept and prioritize accounts as they flow to your fingertips, and let our Watchlist ABM technology monitor those accounts for clear buying signals so you know exactly when (and whom) to call. Then, quickly execute customized outbound ABM campaigns based on real-time buying signals… all from your CRM and all in just a few minutes. Get ultimate visibility into your most important accounts and be the first to know when your targets are ready to buy.

Find specific unlisted contacts

Give us the names of your targeted accounts and titles, and we’ll go to work using our automated tools and human researchers to locate contact information for your targets. If you have a company name, address, or DUNS number, we will build you a complete list of targeted contacts… quickly!


Fill your funnel, accelerate conversions, and drive sales

Call sales-ready decision-makers at exactly the right time with exactly the right message... and reach them every time. Are you ready to crush your competition?