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Telecom and unified communications

Stop competing as a commodity and gain the first-mover advantage. We do the leg work for you, delivering marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and sales triggers that convert three times better than our competitors’. And we do it at scale, identifying companies that meet your exact targeting requirements—including companies that are moving from on-premise to cloud-based solutions or planning to relocate to new facilities. So instead of wasting your valuable time and money searching for prospects and paying for dead-end leads, you can be talking about solutions and closing deals.

Know exactly who is looking for a new solution

Our data allows you to target the right opportunities based on specific triggers and events:

Competitive targets by brand, system type, and model

Target companies by system type, brand, and model. We qualify them and human-verify the accuracy before they are sent to your teams. These leads work great for contract buyout programs, nurturing campaigns, and direct sales.

Company relocations and potential relocations

Our exclusive data exchange with our commercial real estate customers enables us to get the inside track on companies that have announced plans to relocate office facilities as well as in-market assessing options for expansion. This allows you to be ahead of the curve and engaging with the buyer well in advance of the move.

Lease terminations and contract end dates

We track companies with leases and telecom contracts that are scheduled to terminate months in advance, so you can get ahead of the opportunity and be in the right place at the right time.

Executive changes

Know when to reach out and congratulate prospects upon the announcement of a C-level job change. These leads set the conversational tone needed to warm up a prospect who may be coming into an organization with a mandate of change.

Transitions to the cloud

Pinpoint enterprises who are considering making the move away from on-premise PBX systems to cloud-based communications and software solutions.

Funding and M&A

Companies that just completed a round of financing are eight times more likely to return your emails and respond to your calls because they have a business growth initiative that has already been put into motion.


Know who to reach and when to start conversations. Get insightful, timely, relevant sales triggers to pinpoint the right buyers—companies on the rise and ready for change—so you never cold call again.

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Marketing qualified leads (MQLs)

Quit calling dead-end leads. Feed your sales team highly targeted, prequalified leads with the exact IT buyers and influencer titles within an organization so their time isn’t wasted calling inaccurate and incomplete leads. Our MQLs convert three times better than the competition.

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Marketing lists

You have big targets to hit at the top of the funnel, nurturing campaigns that need to be fed, and events that need to be filled. Our data consistently blows traditional lists out of the water because we pride ourselves on accuracy. Try it once. If you don’t notice a substantial difference, we’ll give you another list for free.

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Account-based marketing

Maximize your current account targeting. Your marketing and sales teams are already targeting specific accounts, so let us feed you sales triggers and signals around those accounts, helping you focus your time and energy on high-value opportunities.

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Customized talk tracks that open doors quickly

Your BDRs… our proven process. Our Customer Success teams work directly with your BDRs and trainers to set the contextual talk tracks so you can tee up warm conversations and never make a cold call again.

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Fill your funnel, accelerate conversions, and drive sales

Call sales-ready decision-makers at exactly the right time with exactly the right message... and reach them every time. Are you ready to crush your competition?