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In a world where massive security breaches are happening at alarming rates, opportunity is everywhere for companies that provide physical and digital data asset protection. But you have to know where, when, and how to find it. SaleScout provides trigger-based alerts that pinpoint companies that have just experienced a physical or digital data breach and are facing serious security issues.

Know who’s facing a breach right now

Our data allows you to target the right opportunities based on specific triggers and events:

Data breaches
Identify businesses that have experienced the loss or theft of hard data or have fallen prey to cyberattacks.

Company relocations
Pinpoint companies that are on the move and in need of smarter data storage or upgrades to security.

Company growth or downsizing
Target companies that need to optimize their physical footprint because they are growing or contracting—both great indicators for opportunity to digitize data or move physical assets offsite.

Executive changes
Know when to reach out with a warm call of congratulations to a prospect who may be coming into an organization with a mandate of change.

Funding and M&A
Target businesses that just completed a funding event or M&A. These leads are eight times more likely to respond because they just kicked off growth and technology initiatives.

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