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Enterprise Software and IT

The explosive growth of data is forcing companies to rethink their technology requirements. For companies that sell enterpise software and scalable IT solutions, the opportunity is ripe for sales, but you need a view into the decision-makers and on-site technology. We provide the insights and competitive advantage needed to fuel your pipeline and quickly set meetings with the right decision-makers.

Laser-like tech targeting

Our team of researchers have compiled a war chest of super accurate information on millions of companies, and the technology they use – by manufacturer, system type and model. We combine this data with our exclusive sales triggers and human verification process to create the most accurate and best performing IT and Cloud leads available – period.

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Quota-crushing sales triggers

Our sales triggers are accurate, timely and actionable, allowing you to engage your targets on a warm call basis at exactly the right time.

Executive Changes
Companies that have just close a round of funding are likely to be investing in new technology and growth strategies.

Funding Events
Identify companies using old databases or competitive solutions, and find ways to add value.

Mergers and acquisitions
Get in the door with companies and contacts that are consolidating platform, integrating systems, and looking to update their data storage.

Company Relocations
Moving to a new facility presents a great opportunity to talk about system upgrades and cloud migrations. Our exclusive partnerships in the commercial real estate market allows you to start talking to the right people 6 months in advance.

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Marketing qualified leads (MQLs)

Quit calling dead-end leads. Feed your sales team highly targeted, prequalified leads with the exact IT buyers and influencer titles within an organization so their time isn’t wasted calling inaccurate and incomplete leads. Our MQLs convert three times better than the competition.

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